Lacey Duvalle's TugJob Gallery

With milk chocolate skin, flirtatious eyes, sexy curves, and, of course, talented fingers, Lacey Duvalle knows that she can seduce any guy she wants...and today she wants to seduce you! Lacey loves giving TugJobs, and she is incredibly good at pleasing a man with her talented touch.

Lacey just happened to be in your neighborhood and stopped by for a cup of coffee...but the coffee is still sitting in the pot as Lacey Duvalle gets you all tied up with plans of her own! The drink she wants is going to have to be coaxed out of you with a long, satisfying TugJob!
Lacey Duvalle Dressed Up Lacey Duvalle Topless
Lacey Duvalle Seductive Pose Lacey Duvalle TugJob Princess

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